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Static Electricity Measuring, Ionizers Performance Verification

Devices for Static Electricity Measuring

Measuring levels of static electricity can be necessary to find out if you have problems related to static electricity. In many cases unwanted phenomena like clinging sheets or repelling of sheets are seen in production environments. The real cause of these unwanted problems can not be seen and therefore measuring levels of static electricity is needed. This can be done with a static electricity meter both inline inside the machine or via a handheld device. Measuring levels of static electricity with a meter brings insight in both the amount of the static electricity(kV) and the polarity of the static electricity. This knowledge is the basis for finding a solution for the problem.

Static Electricity Meter FMX-004


Voltage Detector TensION


Electrostatic Fieldmeter Model 775


Device for Discharge Capability Measuring of Ionizers - Charge Plate Monitor


Device for Static Electricity Measuring and Ionizer Performance Control - Periodic Verification System

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