LONTECH – surface treatment, s.r.o. has been providing:

Solutions to electrostatic issues in each industry applications and also surface pretreatments using corona, plasma and fluorination.


A brief history of LONTECH – surface treatment, s.r.o., resp. Ing. Jiří Lonský – LONTECH:

  • 1995

Natural person Ing. Jiří Lonský – LONTECH:

Exclusive business representation (for the Czech and Slovak Republics) of the leading company in the field of static electricity, Simco ION (engaged in neutralization of static electricity as well as the use of static electricity for electrostatic charging, ionizers etc.)

Simco-ION on internet: https://www.simco-ion.co.uk


In the same year, we became representatives (for the Czech and Slovak Republics) for the company VORTEC, known for manufacturing unique products which generate cool or warmed air stream using compressed air.


VORTEC on internet: https://www.vortec.com
Ahlbrandt logo langlich a grau final 26.02
  • 2001

In 2001, we assumed exclusive business representation (for the Czech and Slovak Republics) of the company AHLBRANDT, which manufactures equipment (corona, plasma) for increase of adhesion and wettability of plastics, paper, cartons and metalized materials before printing, laminating, bonding and other surface treatments.
AHLBRANDT on internet: https://www.ahlbrandt.com/
  • 2004

In 2004, we added to our portfolio exclusive business representation (for the Czech and Slovak Republics) of the company FLUOR TECHNIK, which developed plastics fluorination technology for material adhesion increase during varnishing, printing, laminating and bonding, for adjustment friction coefficient, barrier attributes and for minimization of diffusion and permeation.

FLUOR TECHNIK SYSTEM on internet: https://www.fts-de.com/
  • 2009

In 2009, we became business partners (exclusive business representation for the Czech and Slovak Republics) of company PLASMATREAT, which manufactures equipment for atmospheric plasma generation, with the use of compressed air and electric energy Openair®- Plasma. Since 1998, this technology has been used in an array of applications in the automotive industry, aviation industry, textile industry, medical industry and cosmic industry, and in the manufacturing of ships, electronics, packaging etc.

Plasmatreat on internet: https://www.plasmatreat.co.uk/
  • Since 2011 the company TEKNEK is a part of ITW (Illinois Tool Works) Group


The company TEKNEK manufactures equipment for contact cleaning of surfaces of sheets, PCB and also roll materials. This equipment can be used for manual or automatic cleaning. Areas of use:

-          Automotive industry, aviation, cosmonautics

-          Electronics, photovoltaics, display manufacturing

-          Label printing, lamination, coating, hologram manufacturing

-          etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us.



TEKNEK on internet: https://teknek.com/

  • 2013

In 2013, the company LONTECH – surface treatment, s.r.o. was established and each of the business representations mentioned above was transferred to this company.

  • 2015

In 2015, we started selling (exclusive business representation for the Czech and Slovak Republics) products of the company IMM, which manufactures rotating air cleaning nozzles and accessories. These products are compatible with Simco ION ionizers.

IMM on internet: https://imm-cs.de/
  • 2018

The company Simco-ION assigns a portion of its manufacturing programme concerning cleaning devices for 3D cleaning and Web cleaning, to the company Ziegener&Frick GmbH.

Ziegener&Frick on internet: www.ziegener-frick.de

At the same time, we supply materials and devices for protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Among our satisfied customers are companies from automotive industry, polygraphy, plastics, packaging manufacturing, paper and electronics manufacturing.

We are looking forward to our cooperation as well.


Business representation of the companies:

SIMCO (USA, Netherland) - static electricity problems solutions, www.simco-ion.nl, www.simco-ion.com
VORTEC (USA) - unique use of compressed air, www.vortec.nl
AHLBRANDT (Germany) - corona and plasma treatment for surface activation, cleaning and coating www.ahlbrandt.de
PLASMATREAT (Germany) – atmospheric and low-pressure plasma for activation, cleaning and coating, www.plasmatreat.de
FLUOR TECHNIK SYSTEM (Germany) - fluorination for adjusting adhesion and other surface properties,www.fluor-technik.de
IMM CLEANING SOLUTION (Germany) - rotating air cleaning nozzles, www.imm-web.de
TEKNEK (Scotland, UK) - contact cleaning, www.teknek.com
ZIEGENER&FRICK (Germany) - 3D cleaning, Web Cleaning, www.ziegener-frick.de
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