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During painting, there are three variables which have the most influence on the paint quality of the finished component:

  • Wettability

  • Film formation

  • Adhesion


Fluorination influences all three of these properties in a positive way.


Cost savings can be achieved through:

  • Savings in primer costs

  • Use of water-based paints

  • Use of low-cost painting systems

  • Savings in paint layers


Even with complex geometries, fluorination gives absolutely even pre-treatment results.

Undercuts, recesses and wraparounds are treated homogeneously.

This leads to a consistently high painting quality, right into the rearmost corner of the component.



Flocking of parts is, in the wider sense of the term, a gluing operation, which requires very high adhesion forces and superb adhesion of the adhesive to the substrate.

Insufficient adhesive power on the surface of plastics can be significantly improved through fluorination.


Minimising sliding friction

Solution how to deal with stickiness of components from elastomers (e.g. NBR, EPDM or other natural rubber types).

Minimizing friction force of rubber components during assembling.

Process of fluorination can lead to a considerable reduction of sliding friction. By increasing roughness of the elastomer surface, this effect is even enhanced. The rubber properties are not affected by this method and remain stable over a long period of time.

The environmentally-friendly fluorination process can replace the lubricants and additive migrating on the surface.


Permeation barrier

Solution how to prevent permeation of solvents through plastic containers.

Fluorination method is typically used in automotive industry on plastic fuel containers to minimize the permeation of benzine.

It is also possible to limit the migration of softening agents and other additives in elastomers. This prevents too many softening agents from diffusing on the surface and thus embrittling the plastic.

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