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Web Cleaning – Contactless Cleaning of Films, Paper, Cardboard, Textiles, etc.

Device for static electricity neutralization and cleaning of materials (Web Cleaner)

These systems contain antistatic bars, brushes, suction unit and compressed air blasting and they are primarily designed for cleaning and neutralization of materials unreeled from a roll or sheet materials (plastic wraps, paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, textiles, various combinations of materials, etc.).

Clean_web_surfaces_on_flexo web

Typical applications:

  • Print
  • Corrugated cardboard manufacturing
  • Laminating
  • Manufacturing of materials for pharmacy and medical purposes
  • CDs manufacturing


Simco-ION passed on this manufacturing program to the company Ziegener+Frick



Neutro-Vac system eliminates electrostatic charge on the surface and simultaneously cleans moving foils, sheets, belts or different material. The system is effective even when material moves at high speed and it is able to eliminate all particles from 25 microns.

Due to universality of the system, it is possible to use Neutro-Vac for almost every application. Heads are easily attachable to a device. The length of a head is in essence unlimited. Neutro-Vac can be used in different applications, e.g. on printing machines, cutting machines, during manufacturing of corrugated cardboard, on textile machines, etc. The device can be produced even for hazardous environment with risk of fire and explosions.

DD-Cleaner and DD-CD Cleaner


DD-Cleaner device was specially constructed for elimination of static electricity and cleaning paper rolls or foil rolls before printing. This system prevents accumulation of dust on the surface of printing plates and subsequent decrease in print quality. Due to substantial reduction of impurity, lifetime of a printing plate increase, resulting also in increase in productivity of manufacturing and simultaneously increase in print quality.

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