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Device for Fluorination


Offline method


  • Fluorination treatment of three-dimensional parts
  • Influence of surface properties, such as surface tension, permeation and sliding properties
  • High environmental compatibility
  • Treatment which is beneficial to the product
  • Improved economic application
  • Use of a 10:90 mixture of fluorine and nitrogen
  • Fluorine mixture is diluted down to the concentration designed for the product

Inline method


  • Fluorination of web material in a continuous process
  • Method suitable for fluorination of films, fabrics and foams of different material backgrounds
  • The maximum width and thickness of the material are limited by the system being used
  • The length of the materiál is solely limited by the winding unit being used.
  • Fluorination can achieve special effects as regards polarity and long term stability, which could not be achieved using alternative methods
  • Optical measurement in the UV range is applied to monitor fluorine concentration
  • The material is fed continuously into the treatment chamber via a hermetic chamber system
  • Inside the treatment chamber, fluorine concentration profile and process temperature are adjusted to the specific product and application characteristics
  • Treatment duration is defined by the length of the active treatment section inside the chamber and the material feed rate

Quality management


  • Defined parameter sets
  • Defined process - the process during fluorination is fully automated
  • Documentation - the process is fully documented
  • Measurement of the surface tension - the surface tension can be measured using either a wetting angle measuring unit or with test inks according to DIN ISO 8296.
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